Peace to Every Cell in your Body

While processing this eye meme
I could not help but SEE that all of us
Are looking at what we have been creating.

Think about it.
We look at everything.
We process to the point of it being exploited fully.

If our eyes are distracted
We cannot see what really is;
Creation at its best, circling around us.

We look at History,
We look at growth,
We look for solutions for them both.

We look at the stars, study them deeply,
We look at the miracles that lay before our feet.
We look to improve, daily!

We look at the messes we have made,
We judge them deeply, this truly is a survival mechanism.
With each judgment, it is for our betterment.

Not judging another, judging within.
“Only God can judge, right?”
Yet, each of us has done this.

God is Omnipresent, in you and in me.
God is within every living thing.

These judgments are not to feel self-righteous,
These AWARENESS moments are to enlighten,
To bring growth; To expand our ever growing eternal living.

When placing focus to the truth,
When sharing grace with pure love
One can then reflect and step up.

Expand the view
You ARE unlimited
Tap into all that is.

10:28 AM