The View of 5D~A Personal Perspective

This 5D is an interesting place.

Walking around, manifesting, ease in each day.

This internet is an interesting beast.
Already presented to us, in 5D.

Layers, horizontal and vertical.
Each invisible line, pretending to separate us.
Each on a path, looking for answers
Each on a path, questioning many things.

Each one needing guidance, a mentor of sorts.
This World Wide Web allows us this source.
This source of connection to share our stories effortlessly.
A source that no doubt will change humanity.

At the same time, this is what I am seeing.
The same questions asked, over and over again.
All this time, I have known, find my center.
Release the information from there, this is easier.

Then one can share a link to their works.
The disorganization is beginning to wear.
The repeat from my own perspective is shared over and over again.
So much, my fingers get worn thin.

You see for me this drive, to be who I am
Has to come out some way,
And does at that.
I can no longer keep all that in.

This 5D world has to be viewed from Above to fully get it.
With each dimension up, the view down looks different.
In 3D things are 2D
In 5D things are 3D.

What happen to 4D?
That is another story.



Writing from soul is no easy task

Writing from soul
is no easy task

The flow,
the slow,
the write it down fast!

It flows,
I save it
and walk away.
I attempt to edit
another day.

The day comes,
rolling through.

The mouse view
looks in deep
looking for perfection.
The hawk view pans out
and says stay on direction.

The ego steps in
and makes chaos
come about.

A child steps in
interrupting flow,
I wonder to self
is it time?

Soul knows.

Soul knows there is a need for
healthy boundaries.

The Soul knows
the need to create.

The Soul knows desire
and the way to articulate.

These roles that are played,
Self, daughter, wife, mother
need to be in order for this to all work.

If either role is left out
havoc will be played.
This is the
effect desired
in each and every way.

Stepping into my being,
holding on while letting go.
Spinning around in this glorious light.

Simply breathing.
Heart beating.

Holding each new precious memory
as a token for the making.
Little fingers,
little giggles,
to new beginnings.

Have longed for this moment of witness
for longer than I care to admit.

Self whole,
Wife AND mother.

To combine them both
full life and healing.
To combine all three
watching little ones running.
To combine all four pillars,
to add the work into the mix,

THIS is what heart desires.
THIS is what was missed.

So many times in this life
I have stated,
I look forward to seeing
all the hate and war ending.

On this Veterans day
I have sat with pure intent
to help change everything.
If only one is moved to lend a hand,
that is more than enough.
If many can understand the words,
then the efforts have been worth it.

One with everything.


11/11 11:32PM