When we Rid the World of One Thing

Each time, the same answer arrives here….fear.

Fear does motivate, why it is fed to us in every direction.

Fear if present causes a freeze up for personal growth, once aware of that feeling change begins. Keeping many Down low in vibration causes the continuing of the cycle without any further efforts from those that feed it in the first place. The thing is, fear, being a certain vibration, goes out, affects others, and then ~wait for it~ comes back around to the manifesters. When we remain in awareness within, Owning each thought, many changes happen.

When we remain in awareness within, Owning each thought, many changes happen.


Many as you Know, are also already “Self-actualized”.


Those that avoid Being caught in fear fed by the current society live a very different life. Those that have managed to see past what is fed, create a strong foundation, then able to create, play, and work free of this feeling of fear for many reasons. The ripples that return are much different, love is returned thus increasing that vibration and that cycle.

When one has a strong foundation in all manners, there is less fear, therefore, then there is more love, with more love there is more creating and more solutions present. Then, free of the fear, action can Be.


Love Also motivates. This one sure is true from experience here. Just as a woman that can pick up a car to save her child, love is a big motivator. Ironically, after being in habit of fear from family, abusive relationships or otherwise, we begin to fear the very thing we all want to feel, love. When we lead with love, void of expectations despite the past experiences we are then able to, be fear-Less in the Now. The end results are receiving what we really want in life.

This test of awareness to fears, an Old habit- Is, right now. In these days that have just passed, for many from this election, every day for others, that is some of the why for the responses.  Fear of walking, from the color of our skin, or our gender or sexual orientation or our creed or skill set or otherwise. A long list right?

Fear feeds fear and it ripples out and comes back around. This is why it is suggested to avoid the focus to this feeling, it is not to compress feelings. Feelings are warranted once one faces each one, life changes.


Sharing a vision shown a few months ago as this pertains to this current time:
Was shown something interesting in deep trance/meditation, about the Trail of Tears, the massacre. Arrived in a scene that was, sitting in the midst of the scene projected, shown; Limbs covered in the blood of relatives, as so many were motionless; the smell in the air was a mixture of what would have been, the sounds of silence that were ear-splitting. The aftermath.

A wonder arose, “Why show me this?!” There was a feel to just sit in silence, so I did, and took it all in, avoiding the turn away from the pain in the heart that was felt. The throat angry, the eyes sad, the heart torn at the senselessness.

After what felt like forever, certain only a few moments passed, heard the tiniest voice remind, “All of this, began with fear.”

Then, was shown~ One side feared the other, that fear was shown in vision to the Indigenous, that vision shared with the elders and rippled further. The original fear from those that happened across this land long ago, this fear rippled back around to them with an increase of vibration. And as with all things, the ripple comes back around again with more increase and more movement and more strength. As we began preparing for what we were feeling, the fear continued to increase and ripple back around to the original source of manifestation.

Round and round it went and it continues to this day.

Fear breeds more fear and we get more of what we would rather avoid.

Love, when felt, also gives out a vibration. This allows the absorption instead of the continued ripple was clearly shown. This is necessary now more than ever. Those Standing at Standing Rock, void of fear, standing in peace, this is very wise. Motivated by Love of the water as well as for what is sacred, traditions lost not that long ago for some, for others, they never forgot, removing fears to stand and speak up for what is ethical.


Remain in Awareness to that feeling of Peace within. Those lighter, more fun feelings up Higher in the body…those are way more fun. So many of us, here included, were caught in the habit and some of us still are. If this helps even One more… Some are fighting, to avoid flying, when really, that is the goal. To test that fear within us. When one feels that feeling of flying away from problems, facing them, and then growing, Rising Within, All of life gets a little better. This rise assists in raising the vibration over-all.


Did you know, this reaction of fear is for survival? To store it away in the DNA, to file away for any need of repeated mistakes in the future. A great example is the image of the first person to die from eating certain berries. Others, placed that well within their memory to avoid the result and passed it along.

Well, we have a lot of that rolling around in our gut area. So get this, it is already stored there, this allows trust in self, then in others to move forward void of fear. Knowing, in each moment, You will Know what to do, in each moment, then, it is. Trusting others is also wise, this increases the vibration.

This knowledge, so well known, is used against us, when one is aware of this old game it is easy to avoid playing along. When there is a lack of trust, there is ease of control of self on all levels. It is taught even, not hidden at all. A bunch of puzzle pieces all over the place, when in fact, every solution is all right there/here, within.

We make the choice. Each one that rises to heart center creates a better world.


When  there is then less fear and one can rise, we get lighter in more ways than one. Awesome right? One step at a time.  We must with strong intent, Know, and Trust self, All can have a strong foundation in life and focus to ours, then assist others…


Begin within Precious Treasures from Above. When you are ready look lovingly at your own. Each one that does this, helps humanity.


The Fall

The Fall

the topple
the roll
the tumble

the up
the shoulders back
the dust off

the slight stroll

the trip once again

the stand
the shake
every hair back in place

the step forward once more
a smile somehow.

Keep in mind
you are lighter now.

The baby steps forward
then the spring in the step
with each moment of a strong foundation allowing
the dance steps.

The crown that is discovered
it sat there all along
the moment one realizes
“I Am strong.”

These moments after cannot be
until that fall~
face down in the mud

Sit there
in Lotus
Loving All that is
Be thankful
Be grateful
Breathe within each step.


Intent: Own YOUR Power

MUCH of the world,
IS a good place!
Less focus, of course, is placed,
to places that have no society in debt,
to places that have full health insurance.

The peace in each heart,
is daily felt.
Each moment of life that passes,
true love and safety, deeply felt.

These societies, do exist,
some say it is because of their
small populations.
feeling, if that is the case,
each needs to own their power, that’s it.
Each place in existence, each state.

Better yet,
let’s face the facts,
much of it begins
with our government.

This established union
for OUR benefit.

They listened with each
wise-word sent.
Sadly, instead of listening
for our good,
they took it upon themselves
to sink to new lows,
keeping us misunderstood.

To have power over the people,
the very ones that make their way.
for you see if no longer supported,
all their power goes away.

Now, not saying it is ALL government,
and as many know, it is also that one bank.
If only we all owned our power,
using our own brains,
tuning out all the fear-based
and placing focus on what would improve things.

Each one making those changes,
WILL make a difference.
With each one that makes a stand,
against all of this,
we as a whole will learn how much power we own.
Soon after, they WILL make changes to compensate for that.
IF only we all give intent, that they are making the right choices
for all of humanity, it will take MANY voices.

Which choices you may wonder,
really, there are so many.
Begin with the ones closest to you,
the ones you chose daily.

Begin with getting out of debt
this is how they keep us all pent up
making us feel helpless.

Live within your means,
if you cannot go without, borrow or make it.

The food you ingest,
this Monsanto stuff,
come on, are we going to be
one of the last ones to ban this,
the U.S.?
Seems to me, it was an American, that began all this B.S.
would make sense it would take us the longest,
as we go about life, ignoring it.
Meanwhile, HUGE banks of seeds have been placed,
many different sites, all over the United States.

These banks hold the seeds, in their pure form.
If all this destruction was so harmless,
why go to this forum?
Billions of dollars to build these great places,
waste, damage, exploitation,
while many humans, struggle in this area, daily.

Make them struggle,
and then feed them
how we want to?!
Again, own your power,
this is for me and for you.

Buy local, grow what you can.

So enough about foods,
How about all that energy?
Placing, even more, billions
on these outdated ways.
Add to this fact that these ways kill our land,
oceans AND MAN.
Enough already, let’s make a stand.

Again, this “stand” can be right where you sit.
I know this whole concept is hard to sit with.
Closing your eyes, seeing life like it could be,
this is all it takes, naturally.

You see for a while it may feel like you are
“Faking it” the thing is, with each one of us
that sits with THIS intent,
the world as we know it
WILL change in an instant.

An instant?!
I get it, not really if you think THAT way.
this timeline of life that we now sit upon,
IS only an instant,
and then it WILL be gone.

Twenty years in a blink,
forty more in a blink more.
Why not sit with intent,
for the wants you in which you seek, moments really?

Five minutes, three times a day,
How hard can that be
to add to each day?
Slowly build up to an hour or more, play!

For those that pray,
this is quite simple,
at the same time,
we need many in this temple.

This temple within,
it begins there.
This temple of life,
we hold so dear.

If we sit in this temple,
all full of distress,
then how pre-tell
does one fix that mess?

Balance within is key, naturally.

You see you sit here, sometimes
feeling out of sort, when in fact,
and nothing of the sort.

You HAVE everything you need.
Ignore the made up, fake of society.
If you have the basics and you can read,
if you are alive and you understand this,
well, you have access to a device that connects you virtually
and that alone states how abundant you live, naturally.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself,
pick yourself up and own your power.
Choose what you know in your heart to be true.
do what is best for all, even you.

When one is truly free from all of society,
then one is free to be their very best, me.
Wake and be conscious of every choice you make.
From what you buy, to what you make
from what you grow, and what you eat,
to where you live and how you heat.

It IS very simple,
“They” just make you feel otherwise.

One choice, one change, one step at a time.