The Fall

The Fall

the topple
the roll
the tumble

the up
the shoulders back
the dust off

the slight stroll

the trip once again

the stand
the shake
every hair back in place

the step forward once more
a smile somehow.

Keep in mind
you are lighter now.

The baby steps forward
then the spring in the step
with each moment of a strong foundation allowing
the dance steps.

The crown that is discovered
it sat there all along
the moment one realizes
“I Am strong.”

These moments after cannot be
until that fall~
face down in the mud

Sit there
in Lotus
Loving All that is
Be thankful
Be grateful
Breathe within each step.


Letter Combinations

Ah, letter combinations posed in a row

only so many to choose from yet endless choice.
To convey a premise to someone else
from the tap of the fingers
and the beats of the heart

~a dance you see~
exploring places never touched or seen.
Presenting feeling, vision, maybe even a smile,
bringing one to thought or a silence.
Conveyed in a message from heart center
to bring each one of us a touch closer.


7:32 PM

Heart to Heart

A long list of labels can attempt to describe the complex being, and it is still incomplete. How can anyone describe the entire Universe residing in a layer of skin?! Sort of like attempting to describe love. Love is. We are love.

Many mistakes, many failures, many regrets that had to be to sit here today.
The lessons were needed, each one.
The balance of all that is great about life makes the entire view and interesting and fulfilling life.

Embracing them all, brought more balance. Many mentors, teachers, masters, and healers have assisted in this process of release; while doing much inner work to reach this point in life. Not all will need to heal through so much. Everyone has things to overcome, and that can only be done within.

It is an interesting to experience to be relieved of a physical issue, see the connection to the emotion, then feel it tighten once again when the test is once again presenting. In that awareness, it allows one to see how they alone are bringing that physical pain back to them when presenting from an emotional response.

It has been a blessing to cross paths with each and every one. The unhealed healers, healing. It has been a pleasure to connect with so many. This is why the continue forward, to continue assisting the unhealed healers. There are many here. It is a pleasure to be in your presence. If not for this internet, we may still only know of a small hand full.

It is refreshing to not Know, it leaves me able to simply be all that Is me without the further searching; while remaining open to what is presented, and meant for the moment. The loss of control fully. Some of the most synchronized moments in my life Were Unplanned. In each moment I let go of control and was just being.

Kyle Cease’s work was a big assist in getting to this space in full awareness. Looking back it can be seen, at the time, it was just blind luck or worse, not even appreciated because of the lack of awareness. When indeed, each experience was needed in that moment. Now, to be the observer, can clearly see, the synchronicity. Your synchronicity is there as well, one just needs to be aware.

May you too reach this space, because, the air, here is lovely.

Traci~IcArtnSynchronicity Only desire is to help you see it too.

12:00 Pm

Ps. On a side note, anyone else find it interesting that the heart chakra day, green, happened to fall on Saint Patty’s day? Interesting no?

Writing from soul is no easy task

Writing from soul
is no easy task

The flow,
the slow,
the write it down fast!

It flows,
I save it
and walk away.
I attempt to edit
another day.

The day comes,
rolling through.

The mouse view
looks in deep
looking for perfection.
The hawk view pans out
and says stay on direction.

The ego steps in
and makes chaos
come about.

A child steps in
interrupting flow,
I wonder to self
is it time?

Soul knows.

Soul knows there is a need for
healthy boundaries.

The Soul knows
the need to create.

The Soul knows desire
and the way to articulate.

These roles that are played,
Self, daughter, wife, mother
need to be in order for this to all work.

If either role is left out
havoc will be played.
This is the
effect desired
in each and every way.

Stepping into my being,
holding on while letting go.
Spinning around in this glorious light.

Simply breathing.
Heart beating.

Holding each new precious memory
as a token for the making.
Little fingers,
little giggles,
to new beginnings.

Have longed for this moment of witness
for longer than I care to admit.

Self whole,
Wife AND mother.

To combine them both
full life and healing.
To combine all three
watching little ones running.
To combine all four pillars,
to add the work into the mix,

THIS is what heart desires.
THIS is what was missed.

So many times in this life
I have stated,
I look forward to seeing
all the hate and war ending.

On this Veterans day
I have sat with pure intent
to help change everything.
If only one is moved to lend a hand,
that is more than enough.
If many can understand the words,
then the efforts have been worth it.

One with everything.


11/11 11:32PM