While a mother nurses
oxytocin is released
you know like that little white pill
that so many seek?

With the touch of skin-to-skin
And the naturalness that occurs
The body releases it
In both mom and new infant, yes sir!

Peaceful contentment flows next
allowing one to focus on the creature before them
every detail of their being processed in full forum.

This twenty-minute​ time span
up to twelve times a day
makes the mother loopy
with a mush of a body and brain
soul, however, is nice and open, able to play.

It gives the mother time
to connect and be one with
it allows the eye to eye
that too is so important.

This feeling of pure love
is a treasure to experience
even as I type this
this body is remembering.

Each of us long for
this same feeling
seeking it in others
or from different substances.

The hug, it is a moment
of that same exact release.
A hug is so important, for
You and for me.

It is said,
“Three hugs will get you by,
five hugs will help you grow,
eight hugs will help you thrive.”

Some do not get a hug
from anyone in their life
that thought alone
makes me ache inside.

Everyone is worthy of love
everyone needs to feel
everyone could use a hug
I know you have got one to share.

At the same time
one must be open
if closed off to the world
how can we get in?

You set off a vibration
with each breath, out and in
you are setting your intention
so stop sending that one, that’s it.

Open to the possibilities
open your heart, sing!
Or don’t, that IS up to you
free will is a funny thing.

11:23 AM

Intent: Own YOUR Power

MUCH of the world,
IS a good place!
Less focus, of course, is placed,
to places that have no society in debt,
to places that have full health insurance.

The peace in each heart,
is daily felt.
Each moment of life that passes,
true love and safety, deeply felt.

These societies, do exist,
some say it is because of their
small populations.
feeling, if that is the case,
each needs to own their power, that’s it.
Each place in existence, each state.

Better yet,
let’s face the facts,
much of it begins
with our government.

This established union
for OUR benefit.

They listened with each
wise-word sent.
Sadly, instead of listening
for our good,
they took it upon themselves
to sink to new lows,
keeping us misunderstood.

To have power over the people,
the very ones that make their way.
for you see if no longer supported,
all their power goes away.

Now, not saying it is ALL government,
and as many know, it is also that one bank.
If only we all owned our power,
using our own brains,
tuning out all the fear-based
and placing focus on what would improve things.

Each one making those changes,
WILL make a difference.
With each one that makes a stand,
against all of this,
we as a whole will learn how much power we own.
Soon after, they WILL make changes to compensate for that.
IF only we all give intent, that they are making the right choices
for all of humanity, it will take MANY voices.

Which choices you may wonder,
really, there are so many.
Begin with the ones closest to you,
the ones you chose daily.

Begin with getting out of debt
this is how they keep us all pent up
making us feel helpless.

Live within your means,
if you cannot go without, borrow or make it.

The food you ingest,
this Monsanto stuff,
come on, are we going to be
one of the last ones to ban this,
the U.S.?
Seems to me, it was an American, that began all this B.S.
would make sense it would take us the longest,
as we go about life, ignoring it.
Meanwhile, HUGE banks of seeds have been placed,
many different sites, all over the United States.

These banks hold the seeds, in their pure form.
If all this destruction was so harmless,
why go to this forum?
Billions of dollars to build these great places,
waste, damage, exploitation,
while many humans, struggle in this area, daily.

Make them struggle,
and then feed them
how we want to?!
Again, own your power,
this is for me and for you.

Buy local, grow what you can.

So enough about foods,
How about all that energy?
Placing, even more, billions
on these outdated ways.
Add to this fact that these ways kill our land,
oceans AND MAN.
Enough already, let’s make a stand.

Again, this “stand” can be right where you sit.
I know this whole concept is hard to sit with.
Closing your eyes, seeing life like it could be,
this is all it takes, naturally.

You see for a while it may feel like you are
“Faking it” the thing is, with each one of us
that sits with THIS intent,
the world as we know it
WILL change in an instant.

An instant?!
I get it, not really if you think THAT way.
this timeline of life that we now sit upon,
IS only an instant,
and then it WILL be gone.

Twenty years in a blink,
forty more in a blink more.
Why not sit with intent,
for the wants you in which you seek, moments really?

Five minutes, three times a day,
How hard can that be
to add to each day?
Slowly build up to an hour or more, play!

For those that pray,
this is quite simple,
at the same time,
we need many in this temple.

This temple within,
it begins there.
This temple of life,
we hold so dear.

If we sit in this temple,
all full of distress,
then how pre-tell
does one fix that mess?

Balance within is key, naturally.

You see you sit here, sometimes
feeling out of sort, when in fact,
and nothing of the sort.

You HAVE everything you need.
Ignore the made up, fake of society.
If you have the basics and you can read,
if you are alive and you understand this,
well, you have access to a device that connects you virtually
and that alone states how abundant you live, naturally.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself,
pick yourself up and own your power.
Choose what you know in your heart to be true.
do what is best for all, even you.

When one is truly free from all of society,
then one is free to be their very best, me.
Wake and be conscious of every choice you make.
From what you buy, to what you make
from what you grow, and what you eat,
to where you live and how you heat.

It IS very simple,
“They” just make you feel otherwise.

One choice, one change, one step at a time.


Inspired by The Daily Post. One Syllable.






















8:44 AM

Setting Intent for the World

Setting Intent for the World

Care to join me daily to set intent for a better world?

Care to SIT quietly, with intent towards the changes you want to see in the world?

Care to sit with intent, to BE the changes you want to SEE in the world?

We need all the beautiful souls to gather in order to make these changes, one intent at a time.

Many continued blessings to you and yours,
You are Divine.


Sitting With Intent; A Personal Challenge

Sitting with Intent; A Personal Challenge

Sitting with intent is easy.
It is quieting the mind that
provides the challenge and
can be a bit tricky.

Breathing is the key
to quiet the mind,

With a slow, deep breath in
and a mindful, deep breath out,
that moment in between,
is what it is all about.

Sit with your feet
planted firmly on the ground.
Take a deep breath in,
and let it ALL out.

Let “It” out in a breath,
as well as down and out your feet.
If able,
sit or stand on the Earth,

If you are unable,
that is okay,
sit where you want
and let your mind play.

With that deep breath in,
take in all that is new.
With the deep breath out,
let go of all you hold true.

Allow the thoughts that sneak in
to float right back out,
knowing you will remember the
task when you begin to move about.

With each one of these breaths,
after one is well versed,
one can set intent,
to the life in which you hold worth.

As you take these cleansing breaths,
picture the world as you would see it best.
Sit with the PEACE that you long to see,
sit with that PEACE,

Feel, hear, see the words,

“Thank you for peace
within every cell of my body.”

Repeat, you may even
feel the tingling.
You see your cells listen,
to EVERY word you say.
Believe it or not,
you are setting your day.

“Thank you for peace
within every cell of my body.”
Repeat as often as necessary.

When one does this,
for even 5 minutes, 3 times a day.
One WILL feel the difference,
in each and every way.

When this peace is felt within,
this peace is felt without.
Each time one does this,
it helps change the world,
without a doubt.

When one is well versed
in quieting the mind,
sitting with intent.
One will find it is divine.

Adding PEACE
within each cell of the body,
one is then ready to sit with intent
for everyone else, that is Heaven sent.

Sit with intent for
PEACE within every cell,
and then sit with intent
for every cell of EVERY BODY else.

This is my new goal,
to sit with this intent,
daily, weekly, monthly,
for an entire year
to everyone that is Heaven sent.

I wonder who might join me,
in changing our world perception?
I wonder if anyone else
would be up for the challenge?

We all long for a better existence,
for the injustices to cease,
and for pure love to flourish,

This is a great first step
in finding this peace.
With each one that does this,
we will be one step closer to all this.

So, are YOU up for the
challenge to face all that you are?
Are YOU up for the challenge
to quiet your mind,
and see yourself,
you shining star?

Are you up for sitting
with pure intent?
To bring peace on Earth,
which would be Heaven sent.

You see I have waited for this
my whole lifetime,
to wake in the morning
knowing there was not more
war, no more crime.

To wake in the morning,
feeling free,
to wake in the morning,
loving you, loving me.

You see, I found that recently,
healing within.
I found that within and it is felt daily.
You too can find this peace,
five minutes at a time, just saying.

Now to continue to
heal the whole world.
You too can play a part,
simply being peaceful you.

Happy Winter Solstice,
thank you for being true.

Traci~IcArt 12/21/14 6:03 PM

Manifestation can be tricky.

Manifestation can be
The thing is,
many over think it,

Thinking, it is a great first step,
but the next thing
to know is how you
FEEL it.

We feel from below,
deep in our being.
Below the belt
is the saying.

We feel emotion
in our gut,
excitement or anger
is enough.
Either of these emotions will help,
think with the brain,
and let the emotion well up.

They meet in the center,
at the heart.
This is the area
in which all the magic happens
and the manifestations, start.

We do this daily,
in simple ways.
From the time you get up,
to the paths that you take.

Begin with what you WANT
and add the emotion,
preferably adding
happiness, simply
because it is FUN,
go for it!

Allow them to meet
at your heart,
this amazing magnetic
field that allows
one to manifest anything to be real.

Again this is only the beginning.
Release what you desire,
with a strong cleansing breath.
Release it out to the Universe
so it can send it right back.


How to manifest, inspired by the discovery of the “God particle”

You have to let it go
from within.
Here is the trick
I have just learned this.

Have heard it so many times,
but it never hit.
Now with this God
particle concept,
it all makes sense.

Anything that is created,
cannot be released
without the cleansing breath.
Even as they discovered
what they noticed is this,
The manifested item,
is not matter, yet.

What makes it matter?
Air, or as it is also said,
“The cleansing breath.”
One must manifest,
and release with breath!

To create the ideal,
that you want to create,
from enough currency to spare,
to living by the lake.

One must think it,
then say it with words,
with pure intent.
THEN blow it out
with one big, cleansing breath
for the Universe
to place a blessing on it.

Patience would be a
good next step.
Manifestation takes time,
hold it as truth and
you will be fine.

In the meantime,
live life as if it IS,
sending feelings
of gratefulness,
Trust me, it is Divine.

Traci~IcArt and it is from the Heavens, sent.

Golden Ratio within the Ear

J (9): “You know what I noticed?”
Me: “No, what?”
J: “The ear has a spiral.”
Me: I flash to the golden ratio as he continues.
J: “I also noticed that children have softer ears, and as we get older it gets harder.”
Me: Thinking good, he IS learning about real life. 😉 Continue to listen.
J: “It gets hard, but it is a thin hardness.”
Me: Again, this golden ratio. And a very defined golden ratio, just as I saw in the Auroras the other night. Just as I c in all living things.
J: “It is softer going out. Like a vibration.”
Me: He is right, and just like a spiral of energy, it rays outward if you will, shining as it is.
A pause, the youngest needed help. Silence for a moment.

J: “Everybody has different shaped ears, but everyone has a swan in them.”
Me: “A swan?”
J:” Yes,” and he goes to describe the swan. (These are my words, as I do not recall how he said, but when I looked I understood. The wings are the wider opening at the top, with the nose, dive bombing into the ear.)
Me: In AWE and such truth, and such interesting metaphors that leave me as breathless as when I jump off a mountain in a dream. The swan represents, grace. The travel to the dreamworld to emerge the beautiful creature that you are. (My words, from lots of gathered information.) Still listening, not saying these things to distract him.

J: “This spiral, is in everything.”
Me: “I agree, in the trees, in a cabbage, in a..”
J: “In every plant and animal. Yes, mom, plants are alive! And when you cut them from the plant. There is a soft snap, this is the vibration sent out. Your eyes are like the tomatoes on the vine, hanging down.”
Me: In further awe at what is coming out of him. I have shared out-loud information gathered about plants and their fail to disprove in science. But was not aware he was listening, even more, I KNOW I have never said that about the tomatoes because I was not AWARE of that until he blessed me with awareness and connection.
Me: “You hear this vibration?”
J: Nodding his head
Me: “Softly?”
J: He nods again.
Me: letting it sink in, deep.
J: “And C, he hears it…”
Me: in full UNDERSTANDING “…10xs more.” (and then only thought these things..SMACK-sensory, Crystal children, feel it ALL 10xs more!! The vibration is loud, even when soft. He needs the shades drawn closed, the sounds down, ears covered. I am sensitive, yes. But THAT sensitive, no. Can only imagine. Now flashing to ALL the wonderful, BRIGHT crystal children that are being born around us everywhere! We have work to do, in finding balance, and more peace. The only way to achieve that is through connection. RE-connection to self and full awareness of the connection to all.)

He says, “I am tired now, I need to rest, I do not want to sleep, but my eyes are heavy.”

He rests, for moments and jumps up,” Oh! I have to share this!” He begins to tell me, but again, I am NOT getting it, so I ask him to draw it for me. He draws, spiral, around spiral, around spiral. It was further affirmation to the golden ratio. I got that. But THIS one hit me HARD upside my head. I wrote it as he said, because I had so much coming in, I felt I had to in order to hold the first moments.

J: “And energy is a spiral and I am releasing the energy.. The energy is a ring and the ear is a ring and it then goes to every part of my body.”

Me: BAM. A closed circuit!!!! Maybe it is my awareness alone on all this. But I CANNOT help but FEEL within EVERY cell of my body that THIS was shared through him, TO me, to go THROUGH me, continuing THAT circuit, to share with you.

Blessings to you all beautiful people, be careful with your words. The ring out and vibrate and all of the Universal is listening, longing for you to ask for what you WANT. Stop feeding it what you DO NOT WANT. Or if you do, at least stand in accountability, BE aware, and change what you know YOU CAN change. And, as the old saying goes, “…accept that which you cannot change.”



Many times, as I step outside,
There are ravens flying by.
Seems we are in their path,
from town to their home nests.

Each time they caw,
a number of times.
Many times,
they caw only three,
not two, not four,
three times, naturally.

Sometimes one raven,
sometimes two,
many times three.
Sometimes a number of them,
each one a sign
worth paying attention to.

When we first moved to this house,
The eldest and I were playing outside.
We took a moment in our glee
to lay on the grass,

We looked up at the sky,
the clouds rolling by.
Soon after we took our spot,
Five ravens flew above.

Instead of taking leave,
They flew in a circle,
all lined up.
We both lay there in full awe,
as these ravens circled above us,
releasing those caws.


Just now, while outside,
A single raven flew by.
With its pass, it cawed three times.

Each caw is a different sound,
from each release,
each caw, a different vibration,
each caw, meant for me?

This one this morning,
said, “Hello” in a two-part syllable.
Often, I repeat back, no different today.
I caw back in the same tone,
in the same way.


This vibration rang through the air.
Even with its leave, I could still hear.

This is not just with the caws,
but as well with the sounds from
the wings, as they silently fly above.

Once again,
EVERYTHING is listening,
and for me, THIS IS
always in Divine timing.

Every cell in your body hears You.
Everything outside your skull,
Feels you.

Be gentle with yourself,
reminding me too.
Our ears, they are excellent
tone picker-uppers.

Share EACH thought with love,
and see what happens.
Watch as YOUR whole world changes!

11/26/14 10:20 AM