It Only Takes a Moment for Things to Change

It only Takes a Moment for Things to Change

This, of course, can go either way.
A moment of greed
a moment in victim-hood
a moment that all things are misunderstood.

This life that we all want
how does it look?
Revenge in the heart?

Is that the life you want?
Being at war?

It all begins with one moment
a choice made, no matter the reason.
Sometimes tired, worn at both ends,
Sometimes while kicked, down with enough pains.

Fear-based living, that one will do it.
One cannot fear and love at the same time
Go on, be aware, try to disprove it.
Each day you make these choices
each moment then passes.

If we let go of all that
and were one with it All;
one could not focus on that pain at all.
One cannot live in peace AND at war.

Each day we wake, we make that choice once more.

Each moment that passes
each breath that we take
gives us a moment to change everything.

How do you want your world to look?
“Off the hook!” Outstanding!

To wake in such contentment
that you feel safe;
to wake and feel healthy,
with the sun on your face?

To wake with understanding that the day is a gift
to wake with a Knowing you will do your best, getting to “all of it.”
To wake in full peaceful understanding, that the world outside is warm and loving…

Each of those visions begins Within
if you see either list,
YOU ARE MANIFESTING each one of them.

If we all slowed way down
and breathed deep within
while sitting on the earth
Quiet, Still, Content.

If we all placed focus to the world in this manner
One day we will all wake and it will all matter.

Go right
Go left
Each choice brings something different.
Stepping out of comfort zone,
That one will get chaya!

Come on, step with me,
Forward, one breath at a time.
It is going to take all of us
To make this life Divine.

11:55 Am

The View of 5D~A Personal Perspective

This 5D is an interesting place.

Walking around, manifesting, ease in each day.

This internet is an interesting beast.
Already presented to us, in 5D.

Layers, horizontal and vertical.
Each invisible line, pretending to separate us.
Each on a path, looking for answers
Each on a path, questioning many things.

Each one needing guidance, a mentor of sorts.
This World Wide Web allows us this source.
This source of connection to share our stories effortlessly.
A source that no doubt will change humanity.

At the same time, this is what I am seeing.
The same questions asked, over and over again.
All this time, I have known, find my center.
Release the information from there, this is easier.

Then one can share a link to their works.
The disorganization is beginning to wear.
The repeat from my own perspective is shared over and over again.
So much, my fingers get worn thin.

You see for me this drive, to be who I am
Has to come out some way,
And does at that.
I can no longer keep all that in.

This 5D world has to be viewed from Above to fully get it.
With each dimension up, the view down looks different.
In 3D things are 2D
In 5D things are 3D.

What happen to 4D?
That is another story.



Dimensions Above

Read an article that was posted today
much of it was unbelievable in many of ways.
This unbelievable is always funny to me
a decade ago that unbelievable list was much longer you see.

At the end of the article, there were a few videos
and then my eye caught a radio clip.
This man L. White was speaking as a guest
he affirmed so many things I have been confronted with.

He made mention once opened one could visit any dimensions at any time
figured during a rest to give it a try.
Then it reminded me when I did that before
and how all had opened like never afore.

So this time playing was very different, it was smooth in transition, unlike the last attempt.
Last time it was like being birthed, this time, it was peaceful, vibrant
the peaceful feeling over while laying in full security;
Knowing when I returned, everything would prove to have much variance, naturally.

Last time had a sneak peek, had arrived too early
this time, there were many souls there, simply being.
In that space, it was peaceful, breathing.
No over-stimulating, exploited, injustices could be seen.

Have been sliding back and forth and understanding much
kept saying the veil was very thin for many months
these “Masters” as it were, are talking of things experienced
it is still hard to wrap my brain around all the adventures.

I need to allow my voice out, he even made mention
the more of us that do, the quicker the ascension
it is challenging to share the whole experience of this journey
a huge part of me does not even want to try and knows there is no much point to it.

Could talk until Tuesday,
if someone has never done it
they cannot understand
and no words will ever help that.

Will continue to teach others of the ancient ways
a desire to reconnect them and send them on their way.
On their way back to themselves, pure, tried and true;
so we are ready for the big work of walking the whole earth through.

4:24 PM