Everything Is Within

You see everything you need is within you for a Divine reason
You were made in an Image that left science starry-eyed and driven.
Driven to find out all of its workings
my darling, you are so complex;
they are All still learning.

They are learning how wonderful you are in every way.
How you can adapt and make do, surviving, thriving, naturally.

How you know from instincts that live way down deep inside
that leave you with a Knowing that cannot be denied.
Please trust that, even if you doubt it right now.
Each body response is trying to tell you something, listen lovingly.

Pay attention with Cell Awareness, Naturally.


Re-Birth The Resurrection

This Re-Birth that many are experiencing or are about to experience can be an effortless process. It could also be pain-full. The pain comes, allow it, face it, Love it, Love you. If we fight the rising and “cling” to the old, the familiar, the comfort zone, this is what brings discomfort. Love makes everything easier. The effortless is, when one flows. This is happening with or without the acceptance. ❤

United we make changes,
United Everyone Thrives.

United, injustices fall,
United we all heal.

We, Humanity, needs All Strong to achieve. We need all standing solid on both feet.

Us warriors, that have been absorbing all the darkness, transmuting it to Light have been busy at work, even while sitting still. Protecting, to ensure the success of many more awakening and the guidance with further affirmations to add to what All the Pioneers have been saying. Many of those Pioneers are watching this all unfold and the view is…

Like the Sacred Spiral this expansion takes time and is a Process. Grace to you as you journey forward, back to you.

From the Revelations comes the Genesis, back to the Revelations, ride the waves. Dance the Spiral Dance with grace, Lifting One another Up.

7:00 PM


For those that desire to connect on this journey, Personal Sessions.


If You Give a Plant Attention

If You Give A Plant Attention

A Shaman experience, shared with love to inspire you to slow down long enough to “Smell the Roses”

A close friend shared with me one day how when placing attention to a plant, the plant may respond. She shared her experience as I attempted to understand. Like many things in life, until one has the experience, words are only letter combinations.

During a visit to her home in Hawaii, off-grid, so peaceful; her hands made such beauty in all directions. Each little cove of landlocked greenery was sprinkled with touches of a spiritual nature created from her fingertips.

Sitting one late afternoon, in the shade of the trees, I had the pleasure of the experience she had mentioned long ago. It was such a delightful experience I wish it for everyone.

Sitting lotus style, opened and aligned, began passing energy with the earth and then the heavens. Taking in deep breaths, simply being, eyes closed and feeling, being. Recalling clearly opening my eyes and loving all that was before them. With a Hawk’s view, if you will, there was a deep Knowing of how interconnected each plant, tree and animal truly is; it was all weaved together in perfection, one heart beating. Then panning in like the mouse view, shifted focus; directly in front of me, at the “12’o’clock”, these eyes took focus to this delight of a plant.

Remembering its sleek lines, with the balance of a ballerina, the leaves stretched in every direction. Recalling the appreciation felt within from the colors in which it was painted. The deepest, richest of greens highlighted gently on the edges, upon the green was the sharp detailing of a deep tone of burgundy and scarlet. A silence fell over the rest of the world and only this one plant was in clear focus. Just as I had finalized the visual sweep across a single leaf, further admiring the details, the entire plant began to shake and wiggle.

Now I must admit, in that moment I placed a wonder to the why. For a brief moment, my gaze looked upward, all around us was completely calm, no breeze was causing this, all the trees surrounding were very still. Refocusing to this wonder, sliding past denial, in that very moment, I began to giggle. Deep within my belly, this innocent of giggles, somehow I understood this was a reaction to what the plant was feeling! I swear this plant was giggling! Must admit the thought of a fairy entered my mind, but somehow knew this was not the case. About the time I sat mouth dropped open to this witness of such delight; an inner Knowing came over me. From that moment on I Knew, everything alive can feel intent. In that next moment, the entire jungle came to life again. All the sounds, the wind, was as it had been before placing this focus to this one plant as the plant began to calm and sit innocently quiet once again.

Would encourage anyone to take the time to sit upon the earth and Be, One with Everything. Not only does it raise our vibration and increase our immunity but it also might allow you the moment of delight as well. One only needs to place focus and attention.

If you give a plant attention.

If you give a plant attention,
Chances are it will get excited.
When it gets excited,
Chances are it may vibrate in pure delight of your attention.
When it vibrates in delight,
Chances are it will surprise you,
I know, You know, they are Alive.

If you give your cells attention,
Chances are they will get excited.
When they get excited,
Chances are they will vibrate in pure delight of your attention.
When they vibrate in delight,
Chances are it will surprise you,
I Know, you Know, you are Alive.

Once you are over this surprise
You may want to experience it again.
Chances are if you experience it again,
It will remind you of something.
It will remind you that you are a miracle,
And the only thing stopping you is Love.

When you realize Love is easy to give,
It will remind you that you are Love.
Once reminded of this love
It will make you want to share more.

Once you begin sharing love,
Chances are the world around you will change.
With these changes, you may be reminded
That All of life is a cycle.
With that knowledge stepping forward,
It might remind you to be prepared for the next chance, the next steps.

When you get that chance again,
Step out of that comfort zone and try it.
Once you try it,
Chances are you will like that feeling.
And that will remind you as your cells dance,

All one has to do is place focus to Every cell with Pure intent.


The Call of the Raven

Behold, the call of the Raven…edited by Michelle L.

An experience in manifestation, shared with love, to inspire you to give it a try or simply raise awareness so future opportunities are not overlooked.


We had just moved into a new home and my mother was coming to visit.  I commented aloud that we would need a desk for her.  A few days later, it came time to take the trash to our local transfer site. This was, of course, a place we had been to many times.  As we pulled in and dumped the trash, I noticed a Raven calling but did not give it much thought.

As I struggled with a few heavy items, I could not help by notice that his call continued to grow in intensity until it reached the point that I had to look up.  I found him to be staring directly at me, and I thought perhaps I was disturbing his space.  As our gaze broke, my eyes lowered to see the desk.

The desk was in good order, and light enough for me to load into the truck on my own.    What an interesting moment, as this, all began to sink in.  This desk was the ONLY thing sitting there that day.  Amidst all of this, I realized that the Raven had silenced as I’d approached the desk and stayed quiet beyond that point.

A smile came over my face as I pondered all of this in a moment of disbelief; my earlier comment of needing a desk, followed by the call of the Raven drawing my attention to this perfectly good desk which I surely would not have noticed if it weren’t for him.

I looked up to the Raven, still sitting there just watching it all from his perch. He had not yet made another sound.  I called out “Thank you!”, to which he replied with a single caw of acknowledgement.  I could not help but shake my head in amazement.

Life is full of all sorts of magic, one only need be aware of it’s presence.



This “Own” our stuff. So many have been placing focus on the shadow side over this last year. The things we need to face within, and the continued view without. This is good, it shows us where we could address to a better life. To bring changes in current situations. Many have been facing that mirror, several are still in that process. If you are there, grace to yourself. THANK yourself for this inner work being done. OWN each and every shadow part, and then there is nothing to run from. Own what we cannot change right? What can be changed, begin, today.

Blame it on the planet alignments, this current shift, whatever it is, it would seem the theme right now in my world, is own the light as well.

Own one’s skills, each one of them. What in your life have YOU collected to bring into Master form? Those skills are needed for this world. If in a place where you are not full-filled, add those areas that you have been putting off. I have many friends raising children, this is a very important purpose! Honor that you are there if that is what is needed right now. When able, fit in what you are passionate about.

We all have skills. We cannot become Masters in every area of life. This is why we all must work together.

In some places, a beginner, in others intermediate, in yet others we are Masters of that certain skill set.

Place focus there first. Offer that to the world. Many already are, but not knowing their worth. Even worse, others with low worth, place low worth on others. Know YOUR worth and honor all others.

Some are not where they want to be, this year of endings now is the time to make THAT leap. That area of Mastery that you have within, if not being harnessed, time to begin. Do both for a while, and stop pausing. Each skill Mastered is needed for the world. LOVE that you are providing that, it is what purpose is all about. Everything you need is already within.

Much love Precious Treasures. All endings bring new beginnings. Continued blessings.

9:49 Pm

The View of 5D~A Personal Perspective

This 5D is an interesting place.

Walking around, manifesting, ease in each day.

This internet is an interesting beast.
Already presented to us, in 5D.

Layers, horizontal and vertical.
Each invisible line, pretending to separate us.
Each on a path, looking for answers
Each on a path, questioning many things.

Each one needing guidance, a mentor of sorts.
This World Wide Web allows us this source.
This source of connection to share our stories effortlessly.
A source that no doubt will change humanity.

At the same time, this is what I am seeing.
The same questions asked, over and over again.
All this time, I have known, find my center.
Release the information from there, this is easier.

Then one can share a link to their works.
The disorganization is beginning to wear.
The repeat from my own perspective is shared over and over again.
So much, my fingers get worn thin.

You see for me this drive, to be who I am
Has to come out some way,
And does at that.
I can no longer keep all that in.

This 5D world has to be viewed from Above to fully get it.
With each dimension up, the view down looks different.
In 3D things are 2D
In 5D things are 3D.

What happen to 4D?
That is another story.



Testing, Testing; 1, 2, 3

With each test, there is a lesson
with each lesson, there is growth
with each growth, there are more tests
and with each test comes more lessons.
This path is not an easy one
we each have something BIG to overcome
each of us has the strength and stamina needed
one step at a time and soon “it” is done.

At the beginning of this journey
knew nothing of all this
now looking back
each step was Heaven sent.

Each test was for a reason
each moment to learn the way
each time I thought there were no solutions
one stepped in the way.

Answers in every direction
guidance from Above
quietly placed before us
one only need open up.

Never stop being surprised about how the solutions were shown
simply stop and open up, being grateful as we go
follow your intuition
it is never wrong

1:22 PM


Dimensions Above

Read an article that was posted today
much of it was unbelievable in many of ways.
This unbelievable is always funny to me
a decade ago that unbelievable list was much longer you see.

At the end of the article, there were a few videos
and then my eye caught a radio clip.
This man L. White was speaking as a guest
he affirmed so many things I have been confronted with.

He made mention once opened one could visit any dimensions at any time
figured during a rest to give it a try.
Then it reminded me when I did that before
and how all had opened like never afore.

So this time playing was very different, it was smooth in transition, unlike the last attempt.
Last time it was like being birthed, this time, it was peaceful, vibrant
the peaceful feeling over while laying in full security;
Knowing when I returned, everything would prove to have much variance, naturally.

Last time had a sneak peek, had arrived too early
this time, there were many souls there, simply being.
In that space, it was peaceful, breathing.
No over-stimulating, exploited, injustices could be seen.

Have been sliding back and forth and understanding much
kept saying the veil was very thin for many months
these “Masters” as it were, are talking of things experienced
it is still hard to wrap my brain around all the adventures.

I need to allow my voice out, he even made mention
the more of us that do, the quicker the ascension
it is challenging to share the whole experience of this journey
a huge part of me does not even want to try and knows there is no much point to it.

Could talk until Tuesday,
if someone has never done it
they cannot understand
and no words will ever help that.

Will continue to teach others of the ancient ways
a desire to reconnect them and send them on their way.
On their way back to themselves, pure, tried and true;
so we are ready for the big work of walking the whole earth through.

4:24 PM