The Fall

The Fall

the topple
the roll
the tumble

the up
the shoulders back
the dust off

the slight stroll

the trip once again

the stand
the shake
every hair back in place

the step forward once more
a smile somehow.

Keep in mind
you are lighter now.

The baby steps forward
then the spring in the step
with each moment of a strong foundation allowing
the dance steps.

The crown that is discovered
it sat there all along
the moment one realizes
“I Am strong.”

These moments after cannot be
until that fall~
face down in the mud

Sit there
in Lotus
Loving All that is
Be thankful
Be grateful
Breathe within each step.


Smile Traci

Are you sure?
is there more?
Yes, there is, infinity in fact.
All of that is within.

Once one with everything
in all it’s Glory
there is no limit
only infinity

this circuit
You create
can be unlimited in many ways
we are only limited
by our imagination.
Yes, a bit of Gene Wilder is in this mix.

A playful piece
with a light dance
from my heart
to your heart
and the Whole mix.

A whimsy is about
it is fun and playful
maybe it is time to break that top hat back out.

A giggle
a laughter
that is pure as the snow
a fun and happy feeling over me now

This feeling has been fleeting
working so hard
as hard as I have worked
the play may now come.


12:52 pm