Dandelion, Rhubarb, Strawberry Juice

Rhubarb and dandelion harvest for the day
After the flowers have been cut off, add boiling water to allow a tea to begin. After this step, one can make jelly, jam, or juice or tea. One can also make tea out of the leaves.
Slowing down to have fun along the way is always wise, even with two children running around!
Add some organic strawberry powder to some spring water and this juice is ready to boil and then be enjoyed.

Add 4-6 quarts of water, and boil until the Rhubarb is soft and i just let it sit for a bit. Add some lime or lemon if desired then strain. One could add any number of other fruits as well. Easy breezy and high in vitamins especially C’s! Will store in the frig for some time, although around here, it is gone fast!

One can take this liquid and make jam with this combination as well. One recipe We never use food coloring and it is a beautiful color all the same. And we enjoy a no-sugar version, may list that here next time that is made.

One can juice dandelion greens!

A small overview of the benefits of dandelion.

How to make tea and how to cook the greens here.

These are the basics for dandelion users, feel free to share more ideas if you are led!

These precious treasures are power packed. It is a blessing to be able to harvest them each year to make foods and drinks for our family to enjoy.

Thanks for looking



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