Testing, Testing; 1, 2, 3

With each test, there is a lesson
with each lesson, there is growth
with each growth, there are more tests
and with each test comes more lessons.
This path is not an easy one
we each have something BIG to overcome
each of us has the strength and stamina needed
one step at a time and soon “it” is done.

At the beginning of this journey
knew nothing of all this
now looking back
each step was Heaven sent.

Each test was for a reason
each moment to learn the way
each time I thought there were no solutions
one stepped in the way.

Answers in every direction
guidance from Above
quietly placed before us
one only need open up.

Never stop being surprised about how the solutions were shown
simply stop and open up, being grateful as we go
follow your intuition
it is never wrong

1:22 PM