Life is crazy and wonderful
Tried and True

It is messy and ordered
A blend of the two

Angry and peaceful
Calm and exuberant

Life is vibrant and muted
While being hasty and even

On the flip side, it is slow going and topsy
then fast moving and turby

Flow with the movements and the jesters
move with each one the best way that serves you

It would seem in this hologram of life that we know it
we get both sides of the coin whether we want to or know it

From what I see it often it feels like a test
the thing is, what is the point of passing each one of them?

You see this whole life I have felt like I needed to pass each one
as soon as I do there sits the next test
each time wondering what is the point of all this?

Somehow I now know it is to get where I sit
Knowing what I know, and needing to share all of it

More and more I am shown others that affirm
now to keep moving forward to keep sharing the words

4:08 PM


Life is messy in the most beautiful way
Hearts beat, slow and fast and also break
The noise of this beauty comes in the same way
Loud and soft, an impact on moments and memories of each day

We can enjoy and smile through both
Standing full center, around life goes
A deep breath, an adjust of tension
Let go with great intention

Taking in those peaceful moments
That leave a smile on our face
Is just as important as the ice-cold stare that clearly states
Each one given is a truth spoken, each can give us reasons to keep on living

Unconditional love is all that is needed
We each have these moments we where we wish we were not in them
Compassion to others, knowing everyone has moments
Empathy towards each other is very important

This life in it’s beautiful, messy way
IS passing each moment here goes another day
Where we place focus is key to this experience
Place focus to now, that is all we have before us

Take the “good” with the “bad”
It all just is
Step through confidently
Own the world in which you live

Own the beauty and the beasts
Place honor in each
Showing respect for both
In the end, all of it is a balance
Simply sit Heart Center.