While a mother nurses
oxytocin is released
you know like that little white pill
that so many seek?

With the touch of skin-to-skin
And the naturalness that occurs
The body releases it
In both mom and new infant, yes sir!

Peaceful contentment flows next
allowing one to focus on the creature before them
every detail of their being processed in full forum.

This twenty-minute​ time span
up to twelve times a day
makes the mother loopy
with a mush of a body and brain
soul, however, is nice and open, able to play.

It gives the mother time
to connect and be one with
it allows the eye to eye
that too is so important.

This feeling of pure love
is a treasure to experience
even as I type this
this body is remembering.

Each of us long for
this same feeling
seeking it in others
or from different substances.

The hug, it is a moment
of that same exact release.
A hug is so important, for
You and for me.

It is said,
“Three hugs will get you by,
five hugs will help you grow,
eight hugs will help you thrive.”

Some do not get a hug
from anyone in their life
that thought alone
makes me ache inside.

Everyone is worthy of love
everyone needs to feel
everyone could use a hug
I know you have got one to share.

At the same time
one must be open
if closed off to the world
how can we get in?

You set off a vibration
with each breath, out and in
you are setting your intention
so stop sending that one, that’s it.

Open to the possibilities
open your heart, sing!
Or don’t, that IS up to you
free will is a funny thing.

11:23 AM

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