Many times, as I step outside,
There are ravens flying by.
Seems we are in their path,
from town to their home nests.

Each time they caw,
a number of times.
Many times,
they caw only three,
not two, not four,
three times, naturally.

Sometimes one raven,
sometimes two,
many times three.
Sometimes a number of them,
each one a sign
worth paying attention to.

When we first moved to this house,
The eldest and I were playing outside.
We took a moment in our glee
to lay on the grass,

We looked up at the sky,
the clouds rolling by.
Soon after we took our spot,
Five ravens flew above.

Instead of taking leave,
They flew in a circle,
all lined up.
We both lay there in full awe,
as these ravens circled above us,
releasing those caws.


Just now, while outside,
A single raven flew by.
With its pass, it cawed three times.

Each caw is a different sound,
from each release,
each caw, a different vibration,
each caw, meant for me?

This one this morning,
said, “Hello” in a two-part syllable.
Often, I repeat back, no different today.
I caw back in the same tone,
in the same way.


This vibration rang through the air.
Even with its leave, I could still hear.

This is not just with the caws,
but as well with the sounds from
the wings, as they silently fly above.

Once again,
EVERYTHING is listening,
and for me, THIS IS
always in Divine timing.

Every cell in your body hears You.
Everything outside your skull,
Feels you.

Be gentle with yourself,
reminding me too.
Our ears, they are excellent
tone picker-uppers.

Share EACH thought with love,
and see what happens.
Watch as YOUR whole world changes!

11/26/14 10:20 AM

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