The Supportive Spiral Dance

The Supportive, Spiral Dance.

This is what happens
When both sides come
Together to support.

You came in with your strength,
I came in with mine.
We both danced this dance
And it was Divine.

Stepped in like I do,
Spinning round.
Throwing this rainbow all around.

Did what was led,
One word at a time,
Love that dance
It is always Divine.

Unbeknownst to me,
Stepped on some toes,
This was not my intent,
Want you to know.

Came in, innocent.

Like I always do
Just being me,
Loving like I do.

Meant no harm,
Or ill intent.
Was simply following the lead
That was from Above, sent.

These lessons we learn
Are great, great things.
This rise in Conscious
Is a love thing.

Each one that is raised,
Helps all of humanity.


11/9/2014 11:22 pm

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