Personal Visual Experiments

The first one, a simple, and showing of the whole.
The second one, the layers, that just is.

The first one: Close your eyes. And see a cup or if so, cups. There is no right or wrong. Simply take note.

The second one: A picture. Draw if led. Each area is telling and helps one become aware.

A bird
A tree
A ladder

Again, there is no right or wrong. It just is, for one’s own awareness. And you can observe and be aware after. If brain takes over, again, take a deep breath, and allow soul again.
With influence, just as with anything one is exposed to, it affects the results. If you have not taken the time to visualize, or draw this out, then do not look to the explanations until you do. The brief explanations are below.
The cup is how one sees love.

Ceramic, love breaks easily.
If tin, can last through anything, and so on and so forth, naturally.
If you saw several, well, then which one represents which type of love to you? Maybe family is one cup, and another for friends. YOU will know when you look within.

YOU will know what YOURS means. Feel free to ask of others if you want affirmations.

The layers,

A bird, the love of life, or for some, several.
The tree is you.
The water is family.
The ladder is friends.
The coconuts, children.
The clouds, the work or works you have passion or have placed self in.

Now the understandings of all of this is very deep. There is no easy way to say each. However, Trust soul as you look it over. How big, how small, how many, each means something. At the same time, if one did not place detail, and did without then do not over-think and just Know you within.

The bird is the love/s. One person drew an eagle for her bird. To her, He was the Best and she had much love for him. Another, a youth, drew a yellow canary, very telling in his youth and innocence, no? If you drew several, maybe you have several, now or in the past, that you hold dear, or otherwise.

The tree, is it strong in growth and grounded as well as strong limbs up and out? Is it thin and still growing, maybe in youth, again no wrong or right, it just is, naturally. If one longs for more growth, then do it, yes, it is that easy.

The water is family. Does it surround? Does it engulf? Is it distant? Saw that in many youth photos, some of them drew trees in the water with a waterfall. That youth, had strong family, in all directions, but at his 16 or 17, felt overwhelmed by it as he was attempting to branch out, make sense? No water, and desire it, well, then reconnect. Show up on their doorstep if able! If not, make your family (whether blood or not) stronger, if led.

The coconuts, children. Either desired, or those surrounded, and not just the ones through you, even those around you that you love and are a part of regularly. The placements are always interesting to me. Some place several on the ground, or in the tree, always they count off, and can name each one, a child they love. 🙂 The ones on the ground tend to be those surrounded, not immediate family. Some placed a few in the trees, and would say after, I have always wanted, 2 or 3 (whatever was drawn) children. Watching them grow up, some I have had the pleasure to witness, now have those 2 or 3 children.

The ladder is friends. Many, place the ladder up against the tree, heart center. Some, the ladder is on the ground, separate from, again, no wrong or right, just take a look with unbridled judgment, what does it mean for you where ever you place it. If you desire a change in this area, “be the change you long to see.” And be open to the new, or healing the old relationships if that is in order.

The clouds, the work. If small and distant, or close and big, each means something, from your intent. If only one, maybe the main work you are in. Or if several, some smaller, maybe desires to do, or do but in small ways. Maybe also, it is the clouds of the past jobs or passions.

You will know what each means. And with this experiment, you have placed awareness, which is key. Awareness to areas that one sometimes does not think about. If there is an area you long to grow in, or make stronger, now you know. If there is an area that is not balanced, now you know. You can change nothing just as well, and enjoy all that is, naturally.

Thank you for taking the time to look within. Each moment of awareness, helps all of humanity, naturally.

Continued blessings to you and yours.



How do we get to a place of PEACE?

It IS what WE ALL want, no?


Love for self,
love for ALL.

How do we get to love?

How do we get to happiness?
FULL acceptance.

Full acceptance of self,
and acceptance for ALL.

How do we get to acceptance?
Going within and be aware
of every cell in your body.

Not only while sleeping or dreaming,
feeling EACH feeling,
that makes your inner-earth quake.


The clap,
the single POWERFUL clap.


It is said in the ancient ways of
The Native Americans,
A slap on the back
will clear negative energies
with an added statement,
of pure intent.

hear the message.
The clap is sent straight
out through space, from

That vibration, as many know here,
ripples out and
my dear.

“Be careful with your words.”
More importantly,
be careful with your feelings.

Just as you feel others,
they feel yours.
Maybe subconsciously,
but still.

Just as equally,
ANCESTORS can send a clap to us.
With pure intent.
Answering our requests.

Many times, many right now,
are not aware those claps are there.
The noise of the world,

You do this, naturally.
From the Amygdala and
the testies.

(Ever notice how they are similar in shape, this is meant to make people giggle.)

the high-five
SLAP, on the back.

A little visual inspiration.
And a laugh.

Each one is shared, naturally,
unknowingly many times, yes indeed.

Sometimes with intent to release,
other times as a jab.
The fist pump, flashed in
sharing the silent balance among
man and some women.

happiness and
therefore peace,
and full acceptance,
at least for me,
comes from
my whole body.

Us feminine do this,
with other women and men
We give that gentle touch,
showing acceptance or
of the others emotions.

And those claps
are normally more quiet.
Only recently have
I allowed them
to be openly shared.

Still, they are gentle,
Unless needing a bit more.
A simple clap will quiet a classroom
just so you see,
many do it naturally,
and do not think about it further.

Us women of course,
have an Amygdala too.
It just fires differently.

Your masculine and your strength,
mostly comes across aggressive
because of that Amygdala,
naturally, and their mirror image.

The question is, are YOU ruled by them only?

When masculine are in an MRI,
when shown pictures,
That area of the brain lights up,
even if in the picture, the man is in a suit.

Unassuming, non-threatening in any way,
nonetheless, that Amygdala begins to take play.

There are no more dinosaurs

Only some humans, bring the heated pieces,
Itchy fingers, on the triggers.
None of that makes sense for peace.

And why?

Because they want peace?
Do not see any peace in any of these wars
through history.
The little ones with those around you,
or to nations, trying to over run the whole.
No acceptance. No tolerance. No love for ALL.

You know what I have witnessed all this time.

One war ends, to begin another,
Only to say, “Hey, we want peace!” “Here, take that!”
? Wha…Really, not sure that works for any body.

It causes more fear, and the cycle repeats.

The brain has been my main focus,
recently, from someone’s honest post,
It hit me,
It IS from the whole body.

Every emotion,
all connected,
many articles on the subject.
The thing is,
some, are only aware specific areas.

For me,
I was being from all, naturally
but the brain had my main focus,
And for good reason, I have no doubt.
To have this understanding within,
it has helped the ripples begin to move out.

NOW, the whole body feels
“it” from EVERY entry point.

Each point is different,
each point unique,
each point in the layers,
are all specific,

Tap into those,
take full account.
No need to defend,
just sit with them, honestly.

You are indeed perfect,
and powerful
right. where. you. sit.

What sort of clap
do you send out?
Is it sent with pure intent?
Here to tell you,
it IS loud.

I have yet to finish this puzzle fully.
Here is one thing I know,
When the nurture in me comes out,
it is mostly, from below.

But not only from below,
fully aware now,
it is felt in EVERY layer.

Feel the warmth in the right brain,
after feeling the ovaries,
Then the heart flutter,
full center,
that happens to me a lot.

Then there is that cord connection,
the mid-center spot.

The spot I have that scar
as long as my hand,
from an emergency surgery needed
at 13 days old.

That line that cuts me
almost perfectly in half.
That spot that always twisted,
with each negative thing presented.
That spot that feels the good in others,
and their pure intent.

I have no doubt, anymore,
That moment as this life first began,
was all for a specific reason.
Now I understand.
This lifetime, if not for that,
would have kept
all that safely closed up.

Back to the current realizations.

One ovary, flared when upset,
the other when I was sending love.

That made me stop and have interest.
Not just for me, for every body.

You see, some women,
have ovaries removed,
Some have the left removed,
some others, only the right.
Some, of course, have to have both
removed at the same time.

I feel there is a connection,
I will know soon enough.
I feel it has to do with the lack of awareness
to the emotions, we allow out.

This is NOT limited
to only women and ovaries,
this has to do with men health too,
in their own areas of being.

Add to the complex of the entire situation.

Asexual individuals
are speaking up
more and more,
there is a REASON,
I have NO doubt.

The balance, to be ruled by all areas.
To be assertive when needed,
and to be nurturing all the same.

The nurture from masculine,
I know it IS there,
I see it everywhere,
especially, father to child.

It may too come from
those same places,
but feeling in my heart,
It comes from ALL spaces.

Tapping into it,
being aware,
being in CONTROL
of the areas that flare.

The man that willed
himself to release milk
comes to mind.

And ps.,
No, this does not make him weak.
Seems like a strength to me.

I do believe
we are all capable,
of anything in which
we put our mind.

But the will,
then acceptance,
is what is key.

In the meantime,

Notice, when you are questioning.

Or why “upset” is felt.

More important how about,
when that anger builds and swells.

How do we get to peace as a whole?

Connect to those points in YOUR body
as a WHOLE.
Get quiet with EACH interaction,
both dreaming AND awake.

Be with yourself, within and without.
That quiet moment, in-between breaths,
again, those are where YOUR answers sit.

that could be a good next step.

This will stimulate
the OTHER parts of your
WHOLE being!

Loving YOU fully,
that helps ALL of humanity.


11/22/14 12:34AM

Made with love

Made with love

Since taught, have led others that have pure intent
down a path that is Heaven sent.

This life purpose of mine is sent from Above.
Always shared deeply, With pure love.

Know with each connection, it is divine timing.
only right when we are ready. So many are remembering.

At first,had to heal from within.
Resting deeply, within every cell, daily.

So many moments along this path
have led me to right where i sit.

Backing up a bit, on this timeline about 7 years now,
the little neighbor girl handed me two gifts,
she found these lovely pieces pictured above at our local transfer site.

She said, “They are beautiful,
but I have no use for them.”
“All I could think was you need them.”

From the first touch,
somehow Knew i made them, how could this be?!
They fit in my hands,
just so, each detail
familiar, just so you know.

You see this lifetime
have also been creating.
many pieces,
mainly in fine silver,
and precious stones.
Pendants to lay on the heart,
to assist.
Pieces that hang by the ears
to help open, the list is endless.

Each one unique,
never an exact copy,
none of them could be signed,
100’s exist, this is not a mockery.

From the first touch,
I knew I had made these too,
not this lifetime, and at the time,
did not know the whys.

Flash forward about a year.
Innocently attending
an event at our local University.
Walked into a room,
many items laid out.

100’s of people standing around
my little guy dressed up,
as well as many others
as it was Halloween night, madness.

Then I saw them,
all lined up, neatly in cases.
The whole room went all Matrix, the room bending.
Everything else for a moment did not exist.

As I stood among the chaos
of all the bright children and adults,
I Knew I had made those laid out before all of us.
Yet, there were no proofs.

The ones gifted from the neighbor girl,
are all black, felt they were the first ones,
I now have no doubt about that.

These others,
are in color,
loved shared in each one.
Each one unique, just like each one of us.

Ever since showing my teacher,
and attempted to give them to her before this event.
Wondered if what she stated was true.

She said,
“Traci, these are Mayan,
and gifted to you for a reason.”
“Are you sure you want to give these to me?”
Stood there in confusion.

She handed them back,
at the time,
did not hear the way i do now.
Glad she did, because
all of this would have been forgotten about.

The guy at the University,
said, all the brightly colored ones
were all dated to Mayan times!

My hair stood on end
right then and there.
the faces, the structure,
It was all clear.

Then like every other moment it ends, the eldest
was ready to move on, focused back to the rest
of the people in the room, that was that.

Want to go back,
one, for pictures,
two, to see if, just like this lifetime,
I have begun signing the pieces.

Longing to go back and see
if they found a signature.
feel in every cell of my body,
An answer will be there.

Further affirmation is somewhat what I seek,
the thing is, somehow Know in every cell of my body,
these treasures that they keep,
were made by me, now well guarded to teach others of a small part of history.

This lifetime,
helping some remember.
With each one taught
humanity gets better.

This is part of my life’s purpose,
this, “work.”
All the other things including this piece
is only the cherry on top.

Each moment within,
each studied book,
each step on the path,
each piece created,
Has led us to this moment,
Right where we sit.

Please remember this for your own sake.

Traci~IcArt in everybody, since Mayan days.

11/22/14 6:36 PM

The Supportive Spiral Dance

The Supportive, Spiral Dance.

This is what happens
When both sides come
Together to support.

You came in with your strength,
I came in with mine.
We both danced this dance
And it was Divine.

Stepped in like I do,
Spinning round.
Throwing this rainbow all around.

Did what was led,
One word at a time,
Love that dance
It is always Divine.

Unbeknownst to me,
Stepped on some toes,
This was not my intent,
Want you to know.

Came in, innocent.

Like I always do
Just being me,
Loving like I do.

Meant no harm,
Or ill intent.
Was simply following the lead
That was from Above, sent.

These lessons we learn
Are great, great things.
This rise in Conscious
Is a love thing.

Each one that is raised,
Helps all of humanity.


11/9/2014 11:22 pm

Love is

Love is

Love is not what you might think it to be.

Love like you love your mother,
Love like you love your neighbor,
Love like you love that strawberry that you eat,
Love like there is no tomorrow or next week.

Not love, like oh, I NEED you fully.
Not love like, I lost myself in you.
Not love like, love is ending.

Love like life is full within,
Love like life is never-ending.

Love like there is no tomorrow, or
next week,
and THAT will be the new beginning.


11/12/2014 11:11 AM

Writing from soul is no easy task

Writing from soul
is no easy task

The flow,
the slow,
the write it down fast!

It flows,
I save it
and walk away.
I attempt to edit
another day.

The day comes,
rolling through.

The mouse view
looks in deep
looking for perfection.
The hawk view pans out
and says stay on direction.

The ego steps in
and makes chaos
come about.

A child steps in
interrupting flow,
I wonder to self
is it time?

Soul knows.

Soul knows there is a need for
healthy boundaries.

The Soul knows
the need to create.

The Soul knows desire
and the way to articulate.

These roles that are played,
Self, daughter, wife, mother
need to be in order for this to all work.

If either role is left out
havoc will be played.
This is the
effect desired
in each and every way.

Stepping into my being,
holding on while letting go.
Spinning around in this glorious light.

Simply breathing.
Heart beating.

Holding each new precious memory
as a token for the making.
Little fingers,
little giggles,
to new beginnings.

Have longed for this moment of witness
for longer than I care to admit.

Self whole,
Wife AND mother.

To combine them both
full life and healing.
To combine all three
watching little ones running.
To combine all four pillars,
to add the work into the mix,

THIS is what heart desires.
THIS is what was missed.

So many times in this life
I have stated,
I look forward to seeing
all the hate and war ending.

On this Veterans day
I have sat with pure intent
to help change everything.
If only one is moved to lend a hand,
that is more than enough.
If many can understand the words,
then the efforts have been worth it.

One with everything.


11/11 11:32PM